From the Robin Wood Tarot

Well, I thought I had these cards down as soon as I drew them, and then realised when I sat down to write that I’d spent the whole day thinking I’d drawn the 10 Cups! But perhaps I wasn’t so wrong, so I’ll write what I intended and see what I end up with.

Of course, the 10 was Reversed and I related it immediately to the terrible melancholy which I’ve been struggling with since I left England.

I have perceived only the things I don’t have, rather than the undoubted blessings I do enjoy.

Of course, what I feel I lack is embodied in the 10 Pentacles – a partner, financial and emotional security and a few of the comforts that go hand in hand with those things.

Which brings me to Christmas Bell, which helps you to manifest your desired outcomes.

In other words, if that’s what you want, make it so! (And for pity’s sake, enough of the whinging!).