From the Robin Wood Tarot

I drew the Reversed 6 Wands yesterday and it related perfectly to that reply of John’s – and what annoyed me about it!

I tried to give him an honest appraisal of my financial situation (in a callous bid to win some guilt money out of him for Kate) and he came back with nothing but some patronising crap about my beauty, intelligence, etc. The empty acclaim of the 6 Wands Reversed indeed!

Serves me right, I suppose, for thinking a different response from me would automatically generate a different response from him.

Paw Paw is for problem solving. It helps bring calmness and clarity, particularly when you feel overwhelmed by a seemingly intractable situation. It’s telling me that all the angst generated in me by John’s stupid emails has been my choice, and mine alone. I’ve a feeling that no matter how I’d replied, I would have got pretty much the same response. He got the answer to his question – could he still push my buttons – the minute I hit send, and that’s what he responded to.

My lesson – don’t fight what you can’t change. Move on.

On a physical level, Paw Paw is said to help the body digest proteins. That rang a bell with something my naturopath said about my body not taking up proteins efficiently and prescribing a foul tasting herbal blend which I’m still enjoying. There was also Simon’s comment that, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have a liver imbalance. Well, the liver is involved in protein uptake and symptoms of liver imbalance include the following – 

Breast distension (check), menstrual pain (check), headache (check), irritability (check, alright), inappropriate anger (I SAID CHECK!), dizziness (whoa, check!) eye conditions (nope, no problems there) and tendonitis (why, check – but that’s part of my ankylosing spondylitis, the other joy in my life).

All the advice of my GP and my naturopath has been that since I came off the contraceptive Pill when my marriage ended, I’ve been suffering the effects of a hormonal imbalance. I’m reluctant to fix the problems caused by a pill with another pill or some such, which is why I’ve become so interested in alternative therapies. It was doctors messing around with my hormones that caused the problem in the first place and I’m assuming that if they really understood how hormones worked, that wouldn’t have happened.

I would say very clearly that I do not believe traditional remedies should ever be used as an alternative to scientific medicine. Anyone who thinks they have cancer and takes the problem straight to their homeopathist or reiki practitioner and to no one else should be booking in with a psychiatrist as well. Any practitioner who professes to offer anything other than complementary help to the advice of a qualified doctor and encourages you to keep your GP informed of exactly what you’re doing is a charlatan.

In my case, my GP supports my desire to try alternative therapies to restore balance to my system and is informed of everything I try. I would encourage anyone seeking any kind of relief through alternative therapies to follow the same approach.

I do believe there are enormous benefits to be gained in taking a mind-body-spirit holistic approach to our health and I am constantly struck by the synergies between various schools of thought.

Traditional Chinese Medicine also links a liver imbalance to the emotions of anger, resentment, frustration, irritability and bitterness. My conclusion is that the coincidence of timing between coming off the Pill and trying to deal with the emotional fallout of the end of my marriage has placed a huge burden on my system – a burden which is identified in pretty much the same terms across every philosophy I’ve come across. Yes, I need to support my liver and a big part of that is learning how to move on and stop refighting old battles.

It’s a shame I didn’t draw new cards for today because it’s been a biggie! Excellent archery practice with Simon and friends AND I got a call from the rental agency – Flower Street, here we come!