From the Rider Waite Tarot

Another gloomy card – at odds once again with my mood but again chiming just perfectly with today’s flower essence. 

The 5 Cups is a card of hopelessness and despair and Kapok Bush helps one to find the strength to persevere, to pick oneself up and keep on keeping on.

Once again, I had a good day, very upbeat and positive and in no way related to these cards. I’m getting ready for the big move to Flower Street and there’s no time to be gloomy. It’s a completely different moving experience – across town, not across the world – and that’s worth celebrating in itself.

I do admit that even as I feel so much happier about the future, I just can’t seem to get through a day without at least a little crying over the lovely Jason. It feels like mourning rather than pining, something so deep the tears just well out of me when they will and disappear just as fast. It’s the utter sadness of the 5 Cups that can’t be cured, only comforted and endured.

But it’s not dominating me. I would not have chosen these cards to describe my overall mood today.

 In other words, I’m keeping on keeping on and looking forward to leaving our sanitised modern unit for a ramshackle old farmhouse.

But first, the packing!