From the Robin Wood Tarot

With this Knight appearing in its Reversed aspect, I once again was presented with a negative state and, in Boronia, its ideal remedy.

The Knight of Swords Reversed is impulsive, with appallingly bad judgment.  The Swords are about the thinking process and, when negative, that can mean a situation is being viewed through a faulty filter – of preconceptions and assumptions.

Boronia brings clarity and calm, helping the Reversed Knight of Swords to right himself and use the logic, reason and sense of justice which mark this noble knight at his best.

Boronia is telling me to keep things in perspective and I’ll get through this grieving thing. The Reversed Knight of Swords is reminding me that my biggest danger lies in building false hopes on shaky foundations. It’s fine to be sad about the downside of a long-distance romance. It would be utter foolishness to think that it could ever be anything else.