From the Robin Wood Tarot

What a perfectly matched pair. The Hermit withdraws from the World in search of an understanding of higher truth, and Angelsword promotes clear spiritual communication and discernment – the perfect Essence for such a quest.

Visually, they relate well too. If you look at Angelsword, it is very easy to see a monk in his cowl.

Numerologically, the Hermit is supposed to be my signature card, and certainly it is true that my instinct when confronted with a difficult or unpleasant situation is to withdraw, crab-like, into my shell. That’s exactly what college and part-time cleaning jobs are enabling and exactly what I’ve got to stop doing.

Right now, however, I think these cards – and indeed all those recent cards about hopelessness and exhaustion – are telling me I need to stop feeling pressured about that. I feel I’m near the end of a very long, slow recovery but I’m not there yet. And now I’ve a load of new grief to get through. I need to give myself a bit of time to do that.

I must say with all the thrill of our impending move, it is difficult to do so just at the moment but once we’re in the new house I’ll concentrate on college and cleaning for a while and worry about the rest later.