From the Peanuts Tarot

The Star is the card of hope, and even when Reversed – as she was today – still carries a bright message The difference between the Star’s reversed and upright aspects is in perception. After all, a Star is a Star, and shines just as brightly whether or not we can see it clearly.

One thing that could obscure the delicate glow of the Star is the victim mentality characterised by Southern Cross.

Perhaps this Essence could help you to recognise your own personal power, to take charge of your situation and allow the comforting presence of the Star to shine gently through.

Tomorrow we move to Flower Street. I am glad to have the Star presiding over our last night here in Jade Street, a place which certainly lived up to its promise of a safe haven from the storm we left behind. I am delighted to end our time here on such a gentle note.

Tonight I’m reflecting on how far we’ve come and how much we’ve enjoyed this house. But it is definitely time to move on and I’m taking the hope signified by the Star with me.