From the Bohemian Gothic Tarot

At last, after 11 days in Flower Street, I return to my Tarot journal. And my first entry in my new home puts me in mind of Jason – which makes me wary, as so things put me immediately in mind of him.

But I am resolved to put more faith in my intuition, so I will go with it, as follows:

The Magician is the male principle, active, creative, focused, direct and in control. He is Merlin, master of the elements, guardian of the gate between this plane of existence and the next.

But he is Reversed, which means his energy is blocked. The consequence must be a lack of confidence – the Magician’s skills are surely dependent on his belief in his own powers. Reversed, therefore, he has no faith in his abilities and consequently no power.

Tall Yellowtop deals with alienation, loneliness and isolation – the sense of not belonging, even among family, even where you should feel at home.

That is a loss of faith at root level and I wonder if Jason’s seeming lack of purpose and commitment – to anything, not especially to me – has its roots in a deep-seated sense of not belonging in his birth family.