From the Robin Wood Tarot

The 4 of Swords is a challenge – to still the mind, to seek peace and rest in stillness and contemplation. But today’s Four is Reversed, which means this card’s energy of meditation and reflection is blocked.

One interpretation I have read of this card in its reversed aspect (although not, this time, from the excellent Ms Bunning) is that it signifies an end to such a period of solitude, that it is time to get  back out in the World again.

I wouldn’t rule out that interpretation entirely, but my instinct tells me that if the impulse to still the mind and de-stress is blocked, the effects can be serious physically. I see it then as a warning, to take time out by choice now, rather than to do so involuntarily later.

Interestingly, Bush Iris can be used as an aid to meditation. It is one of the essences targeting spiritual growth and helps those beginning meditation to put the rat race and their place in it into higher perspective.

After all the inevitable chaos of the recent move, on top of all the emotional upheaval of the whole doomed romance thing, the good news is I’m in the perfect spot for a bit of stillness and contemplation.

One of the huge attractions of the new house is the beautiful veranda leading off my bedroom. A poinciana tree overhangs it, so that through the latticework which provides privacy from the road, I can see its feathery green leaves and big red pinwheel flowers. I will rest here awhile and gather my strength.