From the Peanuts Tarot

Earlier in the week we had the masculine principle in the form of the Magician and here we are now with the feminine.

What is she? Inward focused, mysterious, intuitive, shadow, secretive. Unlike the Magician, who was reversed, she is upright. And if the Magician seemed to represent Jason, it would seem logical that the High Priestess carries a message for me.

So where I am at this moment? Wandering aimlessly in the dark. I have no idea what direction to take or what the future may hold. I drew these cards yesterday but my energy levels were so drained that I simply shut down and let everything pass me by. I am tired and I have no idea how to pick myself up and which direction to head in once I do.

But I should be used to living at the whim of chance by now and it’s certainly seen me alright so far. It’s not the trust I lack, but the patience and that, perhaps, is the lesson of the High Priestess for me this day – to practice the serenity her wisdom brings.  Even if the wisdom rather escapes me at the moment.

And Sundew helps with grounding, which makes it an appropriate companion for the Earth-based mysteries of the High Priestess. It’s for people who are dreamy and vague, and helps to keep them focused on the present.

So my lesson from today’s cards is to keep focused on those close details which I can see and trust that the big picture will reveal itself in due course.