From the Robin Wood Tarot

Well, this King (reversed) presided over a truly miserable morning. I woke up very unhappy about Jason – at last forced to accept what I always knew, that there is no hope for any future with him. Then my daughter Anne was very rude on the phone. I hadn’t spoken to her for ages and, while I know I shouldn’t take it personally that she was obviously too busy for a chat, it hurt. There were other, smaller niggles, but those two things had me very down.

Banksia Robur certainly struck me as the perfect essence for the kind of day I was having. Banksia Robur addresses a temporary loss of enthusiasm for and interest in life.

That strikes me as the sort of mood a reversed King of Pentacles might find himself in as well.

The good news – and it is very good news – is that the morning did seem to represent a crisis point, and I do seem to have come out the other side.

I sincerely hope so anyway.