From the Victorian Romantic Tarot

As if to confirm that feeling of a sea change, today was met with the glorious, upright Ace of Cups and yes, my sense of delight in the World did seem renewed, with a wonderful morning at the archery club and a tranquil afternoon and evening at home.

So where did Red Helmet Orchid fit in all this? This flower essence which deals with unresolved father issues and therefore disrespect for authority. Before I got to the archery club, I had a small problem at home to deal with, when Kate simply refused to go to school.

It was hard to maintain the positive energy of the Ace of Cups in the face of this highly elemental conflict with my daughter, but that I think is the challenge of parenthood, to weather the inevitable storms of adolescent muscle-flexing and still look upon your child as a blessing rather than a curse!

We got through it, and Kate went to school. When it comes to unresolved father issues, she has more than her fair share. We’re lucky that on the whole mornings like this are rare but I can’t blame her if sometimes she’s fed up. She did have the predicted hard time over Christmas and there’s a lot bubbling away inside her.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time it breaks the surface and I hope I can continue to deal with it sensibly and appropriately, above all with love, as signified by the Ace of Cups.