From the Robin Wood Tarot

Still smiling, and I felt the 8 Cups spoke directly of my new-found attitude.

The person on the card has made a choice – to turn away from the cups (here representing the warmth and companionship of a relationship) in favour of some time to explore the unknown – that mysterious world of the Inner Self, represented by the Moon and the mists.

Isopogon, which retrieves forgotten knowledge, reminds me that I’ve been here before.

I’ve been terrified since John left. From fear of burglars and break-ins to fear of never having a relationship again right through to the fear of getting into a relationship with an arsehole for fear of being alone.

But I have been alone before. It was a while ago but I did have my own little flat and I did manage perfectly well. If I could do it when I was 17 I can do it now I’m in my 40s. I just need to remember how.