From the Robin Wood Tarot

It’s been a good few days that I’ve been sitting on the 8 Wands (reversed) and the reason, unfortunately, is that things have come to a bit of a head.

Since my last entry, I’ve been suffering my first ever bout of Iritis – so that I have at times been literally stumbling blindly in the dark.

It seems desperately ironic that it should happen just as I started to feel that I’d turned a corner after a long time of feeling emotionally blind and stumbling about which direction to take, now that I’ve landed in my new house and begun to accept the whole being single thing.

Was that wrong?

In the reversed 8 Wands I see all that energy of those zooming, inter-planetary wands blocked and misdirected. That says frustration and stagnation to me, with inevitable health consequences if it doesn’t move.

Well, I think that sums up my current situation – all my energy blocked and absolutely no release or direction. No surprise that I went to the acupuncture clinic today and was told I have stagnant liver chi (or something like that!).

 I can’t write anymore – eyes getting too sore. If Pink Mulla Mulla has a lesson for me today, I just don’t have the will or the eye power to go looking for it.