From the Hello Kitty Tarot

First off, I should say for the record that I began the day by doing my exercises and blowing off my cleaning job in favour of a day with Kate (as per yesterday’s resolve), so a very good start.

And so to today’s cards: The 6 Cups is the idyllic childhood not many of us actually enjoyed. Less cynically, I could say that the 6 Cups represents innocence, purity and the deep friendship of the ‘soulmate’ variety.

When that energy is blocked, we have, I suppose, unresolved ‘deep’ childhood issues impacting on our adult relationships as well as the possibility of lies and deceit from a loved one.

Which brings me to Peach-Flowered Tea Tree, the essence which addresses the hole at the very centre that so many of us feel as a result of that deep childhood stuff. The result of unresolved deep childhood stuff? Emotional instability, inconsistency and a lack of commitment… the very things that get in the way of a pure soul connection.

In my own case, I feel that my deep childhood shit keeps me silent in relationships when I should speak. So perhaps these cards today are here to nudge me into being more communicative. Starting with Kate, I made sure I told her just how special it is to me to spend time with her, especially as she gets older and has less time for her mum.

Top day.