From the Peanuts Tarot

What a perfect combination (and how unsettling). The Tower of course is about change – big change, the shaking up and tearing down of established ways of doing things and deeply held core beliefs.

These changes – like the death of my sister and the break-up of my marriage – are traumatic and painful, but they are also opportunities for growth and learning.

Bottlebrush can be an invaluable essence at these times, as it helps us to let go and cope with change.

And the significance for me today? Well, most obviously, I continued my resolve to get back control with lots of good exercise AND finally started work on my resume – so there is an energy of change in the air.

But also… in the middle of this very positive day I suddenly and without warning found myself sobbing my poor heart out, once again, over Jason. I miss him so much and although I don’t cry as often as I did, sometimes I still do and at those times the pain feels as raw as ever. And so, I must in honesty observe that the hardest part of these times of change is recognising when it’s time to let go.

Is it time? Is there really no hope? How can I know when hope is in fact gone? I respect The Tower and its message very much and I don’t believe it turns up lightly.