From the Robin Wood Tarot

It’s taken a few days to work up to an acceptance of the Judgment card and today, having got there, I had an excellent day.

Of course, coming straight after the Tower, it affirmed that the hardest part of any loss is the letting go. Perhaps the turmoil of the Tower is always more about our inner state or reaction to events than the events themselves. Once we can absorb the shock and learn that the flames of grief will not destroy us, then comes the healing power of the Judgment card.

Judgment signifies rebirth and transformation. It carries a reminder that after the chaos of the Tower comes healing and renewal.

Today, Judgment is coupled with Five Corners, which teaches us to joyously celebrate our own beauty and feel good and strong in ourselves. A good lesson after the hurts and humiliations of the Tower. We do survive. Life does go on.

Interestingly, the Judgment card in the Robin Wood deck shows a woman bursting out of a flame-filled cauldron with her arms outstretched in triumph – a wonderful illustration of Five Corners which gets its name from its five-cornered fruit. The five corners correspond with the positions of outstretched arms, legs and head.

Five Corners is a remedy for people who are crushed and held in. That was me when my world came crashing down, first when my sister died and then when my husband left me. I felt like my life was in pieces all around me, all dust and rubble. It’s good to remember that no matter how gloomy I might get about my hopeless romance with the lovely but inconveniently located Jason, it ain’t as bad as it’s been, not by a long shot.

Common sense tells me to get out of my attic and stop mooning. I may yet wallow here awhile, but I won’t go so far as to lock myself in. I’ve come too far and survived too much Tower chaos to let myself get dragged too far into the fire this time around.