From the Robin Wood Tarot

What an interesting combination.

The 9 Wands upright says to me, ‘bruised but not broken.’ It speaks of a calculated, temporary withdrawal from the field of battle in order to mend and heal before making a final push.

Reversed, as it is today, there is a sense of nerve lost, of a fear of defeat or further suffering that threatens to keep one hiding, stagnant, withdrawn (oh why must I automatically think of faraway Jason?????).

Now, one could say – especially of highly talented alpha females who are currently cleaning for a living – that one problem for the state of mind of 9 Wands Reversed is an inability or unwillingness to acknowledge one’s abilities and ambitions… which is what little, unassuming Philotheca addresses. This pretty little flower is easily overlooked in its natural environment and as an essence allows shy people to open up about their dreams and plans. It promotes the courage to express oneself and accept acknowledgement from others.

Combined with the reversed 9 Wands, it’s making me think that there is more fear and uncertainty in my current blindness than I have so far cared to admit.