From the Robin Wood Tarot

If there’s a tonic for fear and uncertainty, then it must be this bold Queen.

Of all the Queens, this one strikes me as possibly the least afraid to walk alone.

I need this lady’s energy about me and feel it strongly when I say my current mantra: ‘I love you Jason (sigh, nothing new there) … and I’m learning to live without you.’

And it does help. I am learning to live without him, as I obviously must.

The Queen of Swords strikes out fearlessly into new situations, in spite of the pain she often carries.

She is the perfect positive expression of Red Grevillea which promotes independence and the strength to leave stuck situations.

Red Grevillea is for people who are over-reliant on others. It promotes boldness and independence and an indifference to the judgment of others – doesn’t that sound just like the fearless Queen of Swords?