From the Robin Wood Tarot

I’ve been feeling so much more confident and assured over the past few days since I resumed my exercises and meditation practice.

I was delighted therefore to draw the upright 9 Wands this morning. It felt like progress to welcome it, especially so soon after seeing it in its reversed aspect.

I do identify with this card at this time. I do feel bruised but not broken and I am regaining my strength with every day.

Perhaps because I’m feeling so positive, the presence of Angelsword seems full of promise.

Angelsword helps us to receive clear messages from our Higher Selves, to cut through confusion or misinformation to arrive at our own spiritual truth.

I take its appearance today, in conjunction with the 9 Wands, as a clear indication that the ‘vision’ problems which have plagued me for so long now will soon clear and I will be ready to tackle the next phase of my journey.