From the Robin Wood Tarot

Soon, but not yet. Here I am, grieving again for that Jason… and why particularly this time? Because on Saturday night I was once again reminded that Simon is waiting patiently in the wings… but for how much longer?

He is such a good man and everyone – even Kate, who is hard to please in these matters – agrees we would make a good couple. And every time I see him I do like him more. And it breaks my heart.

Not for the first time, my head proposes and my heart howls in protest.

And this terrible state seems to have been heralded by the Sun Reversed – confusion, an inability to see the way forward and relationship difficulties.

Black-Eyed Susan promotes inner peace and patience, and I could undoubtedly use some of both.

I’ll follow Simon’s kind and selfless advice and give Jason until October. That’s a year to mourn – or a year for him to decide, if in fact he has anything to decide.

And then, perhaps, my heart will be more inclined to listen to the good sense of my head.