From the Robin Wood Tarot

After that miserable Friday night, Saturday threatened to hold more of the same and both these cards seemed to confirm that.

So what did happen?

Well in spite of myself I had an excellent and productive day. Hardly the territory of the Page of Pentacles reversed… or is it?

This was the day Michelle turned up annanounced and treated Kate and I to a lovely evening at the Medieval Fair that was going on in the park.

And, in talking to her about my terrible mood of the evening before, I realised something I had somehow earlier missed.

There I had sat, feeling lonely and isolated (Tall Yellow Top territory) and yet… the phone kept ringing.

First it was the mum of one of Kate’s friends – and I could have talked to her. One of my cleaning clients phoned and let me know she was feeling crappy, so I could have talked to her. And Michelle herself phoned, but by that stage I was set on my downward path and would not be turned.

In other words, practical support was there, but I was so determined to feel sorry for myself I didn’t even see it.

The Page offers a gift. Reversed – sometimes – she signifies our refusal or inability to simply accept it.

With the help of Tall Yellow Top, I finally saw the grace of that hand outstretched and found some comfort there.