From the Robin Wood Tarot

What comes first, the more balanced, positive frame of mind or the positive card?

Whichever it is, today I felt full of energy and totally aware of the beauty of the day and all its promise.

Even so, I cried – as I seem to do just about every day – but not with the despair of last week. It’s more like a leaking of the soul, triggered by a sad song or a wistful thought. I can accept the sadness, because there’s a few things to be sad about but the despair is a different matter.

So, the creativity and forward propulsion of the fiery Ace of Wands is in play today but the danger of impetuosity is tempered by Hibbertia, which helps us to integrate head and heart for true wisdom.

For myself, I’m happy with the diagnosis that it’s been a conflict between head and heart that has been holding me back.

I’m not naive enough to think that one great day resolves all, but I am content in the knowledge that a small start has been made.