From the Robin Wood Tarot

Ever since Joan Bunning pointed out the sense of overkill inherent in the 10 Swords, I’ve been unable to see it as anything other than a comic suggestion that you may be over-dramatising your troubles.

Since Red Suva Frangipani heals the emotional intensity of relationship endings or trauma, I’m taking the 10’s appearance as a gentle reminder that really things aren’t as bad as perhaps I’m making them out to be.

And I do believe that’s true. I am blessed to be loved so well by someone I can love in return. Blessed to have that wonderful soul connection, even at such a distance.

The 10 Swords also seemed to be relevant when I went to the doctor yesterday. I thought I was asking him to remove a wart from my neck (yah, yuk!) but instead it was a skin cancer. He assured me it wasn’t a scary one and whipped it off there and then.

On the way home I started thinking about the fact that I’d just had a cancer removed and it frankly got me panicky.

But the reality – the 10 Swords reality – was that it was not that bad.