From the Robin Wood Tarot

Yesterday I drew the 3 Wands reversed and, without writing it up, put it back and drew another card today… or tried to. Instead, I drew it again, and once again in its reversed aspect.

Now that I come to write it up, I think its message is an important one and its bearer is my friend Michelle.

The 3 Wands denotes success, specifically business success. Why? Because it speaks of foresight, planning, seeing the big picture and acting accordingly.

It is a visionary card, but that vision is firmly grounded in reality. It is the card, to use the Duke of Wellington’s phrase, of guessing what’s on the other side of the hill.

But it is reversed, and that suggests a lack of vision, a failure to plan for success and act accordingly. Back to my ‘vision’ thing again.

So, last night a bunch of us from college went out for dinner and I got to telling Michelle how my cleaning jobs had been so disrupted this month.

Michelle said it was probably because the Universe was telling me I should be counselling, not cleaning. And then she said something that left me speechless. She said I was the most awesome counsellor of our group but that I didn’t seem to realize it because I had no self confidence.

I certainly never realized any such thing, but I don’t believe Michelle was just laying a load of empty flattery my way. Why would she?

Today’s essence Philotheca helps us to accept praise, acknowledgment and life’s abundance. Judging from my reaction to Michelle’s unexpected praise, I could use some.