From the Robin Wood Tarot

While my heart and thoughts fly restlessly to Anne, today’s cards insistently draw my attention closer to home.

I was interviewed by a profoundly disabled woman who is looking for someone to care for her three mornings a week. It would be extremely challenging. I have never provided care for anyone and physically she is as helpless as a newborn babe.

I’ve had a couple of test runs with her and from the outset I’ve made it clear that I don’t know if I am up to the demands of the position. She’s not heavy, but if I have an AS flare-up I might not be able to lift her if she needed me to. So while I’ve managed, I’m not confident I would always be able to do so.

Today she offered me the job – and made me feel that to turn it down would be a crushing blow to her. And I understand why. If she can’t find someone to fill in the gaps between her government-funded nursing care, she will be in a very difficult position.

While the 7 Pentacles seems very still, it is linked to the movement of the Chariot. As the ‘yin within the yang’ it suggests two possibilities.

The first is the unseen movement of seeds sown.

The second possibility fits perfectly with today’s overwhelming sense of being forced once again into a difficult, far-reaching decision I was not expecting to make.

It speaks to me of the importance of pausing in your journey, to check out that your direction holds true. And the importance also of refusing to be rushed down a road you may not wish to travel.

Today’s essence also fits perfectly with today’s situation. Wild Potato Bush is for easing the frustration of physical restriction and limitation.

This lady at the centre of my dilemma is the most physically restricted person I have ever met.