From the Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s cards are for my poor Anne.

Tonight I had a more reassuring talk with her dad. He sounds like he’s being a bit more useful to her than frankly I expected him to be and I hope it means she’s getting the support she so desperately needs.

It was a small reassurance, but the only one I have.

Sundew is the daydreamer’s essence and helps to keep us grounded and focused in the here and now.

While my thoughts fly restlessly to my eldest daughter, big things happen in the right here, right now, to keep my attention away from where it helplessly wanders.

Today the guinea pig was killed by the dog next door. It was horrible. Both guinea pigs escaped when Kate was cleaning their hutch. Milly ran straight through a gap in the fence and into the jaws of death.

Kate and I had to concentrate on getting Matilda safely back in the hutch while the wretched dog trotted back and forth behind the fence with Milly’s limp body swinging in its jaws.

We needed all our focus to get that job done and then I had to go next door – the neighbours were out alas – and get the dead guinea pig off the strange dog and then bury it in the garden.

No time for daydreaming. No time for anything but the grubby, painful here and now.

But still I’m thinking of you Anne. I’d join you in those dark shadows if I could and hold you, hold you so close and together we’d chase those clouds away.

And what’s that thought, if not a foolish daydream?