From the Bohemian Gothic Tarot

The World is all ‘out there’ energy if ever there was, so reversed must be very ‘in here.’

Not, however, in a positive way. Are these cards for me? Or for faraway Anne? Pink Mulla Mulla speaks of deep spiritual wounds and again, I ask helplessly, mine? Or Anne’s?

If Anne’s, what on earth can I possibly do to help? If mine, well, it seems a bit self-centered at such a time. 

As is the usual way of my Tarot journal, I can apply the situation of the World Reversed and the healing energy of Pink Mulla Mulla to us both.

Pink Mulla Mulla addresses a deep-seated fear of spiritual abandonment that can manifest in a prickly attitude and suspicion of the motives of others. Pink Mulla Mulla helps us to lower our carefully constructed emotional barriers and learn to trust again.

I can speculate and worry all day long, and do, but I cannot speak for Anne and so I will apply these cards to myself and the situation which has been dogging me for a while – what am I doing with my life????

The World Reversed is telling me I have lingered too long ‘in here.’ My focus is needed on bigger things than the minutiae of my own thoughts and feelings.

Pink Mulla Mulla tells me – as if I needed telling – that there are deep spiritual wounds keeping me hiding in here. But they must be addressed and I must move on.