From the Robin Wood Tarot

I was delighted to draw the 4 Wands, with its beautiful sense of harmony and ease. This gorgeous card features a couple dancing under the protection of a canopy, celebrating the good things life has given them.

The Fours stand for limitation and restriction as well as stability and if I began the day celebrating the stability of the 4 Wands, I certainly finished it chafing bitterly at its restrictions.

The 4 Wands presided over a truly miserable Friday night.

In a bid to avoid the Friday Night Blues, I took Kate out to a movie. Before we’d even boarded the bus, my little policeman PC Kate was on duty – why don’t you forget about that Jason; how can you be so embarrassing in public, wanting to hold my hand; how can you even think about getting a credit card, you’ll just end up with masses of debt.

She gets like this sometimes. I know it’s because she’s frightened. She doesn’t really believe I can manage on my own and why should she, when most of the time I don’t really believe it either?  

At times like these, it’s very difficult to celebrate the simple pleasures of hearth and home, to see them as anything other than a confinement.

What can I say, except that they pass – and perhaps with the patience and inner peace offered by Black Eyed Susan they can pass swiftly and smoothly.