From the Robin Wood Tarot

The 8 Pentacles reminds us that grand plans and visions are not enough. Steady and focused concentration on the task at hand is the only way to achieve our goals.

Reversed therefore, as it was today, this card suggests frustration at a seeming lack of progress and distractions from the task at hand.

That I’ll take as a warning to hold steady on my job hunt, in spite of all the emotional turmoil of horrible June.

The challenge is to manage the practical necessities of finding a full-time job along with the emotional stuff. It’s June, it’s grief and loss time and part of that grief and loss is a terror of having to manage on my own.

In a way, going to pieces before I even get to an interview – as I did last time I tried this – proves the point that [insert name of missing loved one here] should never have left when they did.

That’s a damn stupid point to be proving at my own expense. So hurrah for pretty little Bluebell which helps to open the heart and release the emotions held within. Bluebell helps us deal with the fear that to let go will be to lose all.

It tells me that I don’t have to wallow in my grief every June to keep memories alive. Instead, Bluebell suggests I simply trust myself more. I won’t forget. I don’t need to turn every June into a tortuous journey through the Stations of my Loss.

Yes, be sad, but don’t pick endlessly at the scab.