From the Robin Wood Tarot

 After all the clarity of the past few days it was of course inevitable that today I’d be completely and utterly stumped.

Yesterday, when I drew these cards, the best I could manage was that the Page of Swords reversed had lost her way. Instead of fearless honesty and courage, I saw only a quailing coward with no appetite for the challenges of the day ahead. 

And Gymea Lily, well I dunno. It addresses arrogance and excessive pride. It doesn’t seem to go with how I’m feeling or with its Tarot companion.

The best I could manage was yet another bossy reminder that I should have found a job more suited to my talents by now.

Today I left the house without drawing fresh cards but I can’t really see how to apply yesterday’s cards to today’s energies at all.

This is the 28th June, the worst day of the year. This is the day my sister died and the day I cry like a lost child.

Tomorrow will be better.