From the Robin Wood Tarot

Today was the day I stepped out of my metaphorical attic and moved on.

Appropriately, after days of misery leading up to it, my deadline day was met with calm acceptance. On the face of it, nothing had changed. But inside I felt very different, as if things had altered in a very real and dramatic way.

Everything seemed clean and shiny. The sky looked bluer, the grass greener – the same way these things do after days of rain.

I promised myself that I would not pine and yearn for far-off, determined-to-be-single Jason after the 1st July and the biggest surprise is I seem to have been true to my word.

Today’s cards were very clear. The 6 Cups Reversed signifies an end to the innocence and purity of childhood, but also an end to the childlike state of romantic love.

There does indeed come a point where it must be let go, and this was it.

It would be naïve to think that today means I will no longer grieve for what was and what might have been. I won’t return to my attic but I’m sure I will cry again.

Sturt Desert Pea is for deep hurts and sorrows and helps us deal with the difficult business of grief.

It reminds me not to bury the pain when it arises but to acknowledge it, honour it and let it go.

So here I am, back in the world and yes, it feels good.

Shiny, even.