From the Bohemian Gothic Tarot

How inspiring – a bold queen to say ‘yes I am and yes I can.’ And Turkey Bush for creativity – what a great combo for a girl who’s been hiding herself away all this time and is ready to get her mind moving again.

Nevertheless I stayed very close to home today, pulling weeds in the garden and enjoying warm sunshine and damp, sweet smelling earth. Not immediately obvious as Queen of Swords territory perhaps but one thing I can say about activities like weeding is they get the mind working.

Last time I devoted myself to regular weeding, I wrote a book. How I would love to do something like that again… However, this time it would have to be in the context of something extra, in addition to a full time job that actually provides a bit more than covering the bills (just). But my weeding session got me thinking about the best way to proceed.

Why not a bit of temping while I wait for these job applications to result in something? Why not stop cleaning and start typing, answering phones, whatever’s required – who knows where that might lead? My mind has been fragile since the marriage break-up, since moving the kids to the other side of the world, since all the upheaval of the past few years. And I’ve been careful. I’ve avoided putting myself to the test and tried not to worry about the future.

Today’s weeding and thinking have reminded me that if I get overwhelmed, there’s a very simple grounding exercise which is also very good for the garden. I’ll raise a cup of calming camomile tea to that.