From the Robin Wood Tarot

I seem to recall the last time I drew the 4 Wands I had a mix of really lovely, warm home-time and a really horrible falling out with Kate.

What an amazing replay. We had such a nice weekend, getting up to the botanical gardens and spending a lovely evening with cousin Janis, before heading down to the shops to pick up some pretty things for the house.

Then this evening it all went badly wrong. Kate and I had a row – over her leaving a towel on the floor – which finished with her spitting at me.

Stability and restriction – the challenge of the 4 Wands, for me and Katie both. And we need to figure it out because, at the end of the day, we’ve only got each other.

Green Spider Orchid enhances telepathic communication so hopefully its energy will help us to access the wisdom of our higher selves for the help we need in getting through some difficult times like these.

Because I’m damned sure this ain’t the end of it.