From the Robin Wood Tarot

Of course, because I’m a Sagittarius, this is ‘my’ queen. She’s also the queen who signifies my cousin Janis, an Aries, who phoned today for a long overdue chat and pep talk.

Janis always fires up my enthusiasm and makes me feel ready for life to step up a gear, even if today was a bit somnolent. Nothing more exciting than cleaning and grocery shopping, so a phone chat with my cousin was definitely the most Queen of Wands-ish thing that happened today.

Wisteria is the female sexuality essence and, goes without saying, the Queen of Wands is highly sexual.

If I’ve been thinking about my sex life lately I suppose it’s been to affirm that I really have no interest in ‘junk food’ sex. I’m holding out for the good nourishing stuff you get when souls connect too.

And a text message from Jason elicited an interesting response from me. He made some cute remark – cute and sexy – and I felt obliged to pull him up on it. I’m out of my attic and have no intention of returning.

So sorry, my love.