From the Rider-Waite Tarot

Today was a momentous day, and it was all about emotional balance – the home ground of both of these cards.

It started with a letter – a rejection for a job I really, really wanted.

At first, I suppressed the urge to cry, telling myself it didn’t matter.

But then something special happened. I did something different.

I gave myself that vital permission to cry and cry I did. I howled and sobbed out all the hurt and disappointment and felt the tears would never end. And, probably no more than a few minutes later, was done.

And then I took a deep breath, got online, found another vacancy and put together an application, which I posted this afternoon.

I was very proud of myself and now, at the end of the day, I can relate this important learning directly to today’s cards.

The 10 Cups represents the culmination of the promise of the Ace. Those emotions which burst into existence at the start of our jouney have reached their full flowering and maturity.

Today I learned that there is nothing to fear from acknowledging and expressing the ‘negative’ emotions of hurt and loss. Nothing bad happened. Instead, it helped to put the disappointment I felt into valuable perspective.

This is just what Dog Rose of the Wild Forces is all about. It is the ‘terror’ essence. Its negative condition is hysteria and a fear of losing control. Its positive outcome is emotional balance, an ability to remain calm and centered in times of turmoil.

I was nowhere near hysteria today, but I could directly equate today’s little learning with a useful strategy for bigger hurts when they arise.