From the Victorian Romantic Tarot

Another run of Cups and Wands and mostly Cups at that. I’ve had the ‘positive’ 3 and 10, the ‘negative’ 4 Reversed and now the Grief and Loss card, the 5.

I feel this conversation has been about looking beyond childish divisions of emotions into good and bad. Instead, it seems time to recognise that all emotions are valid and part of the ebb and flow of life itself.

There can be no real joy without sorrow, no love without loss.

That is at the heart of the answer to that aching question of ‘why’ – it is indeed as simple as ‘why not?’

There have been many days when, having drawn this card, I would have focused on the loss of the cups that are spilt.

Today though, I saw the cups that are still standing. Of  course I had my inevitable and still quite regular tear-shedding over Jason… and then moved on to have a very enjoyable day.

She Oak is the essence for female balance and, since women are so sensitive to emotions, an understanding of them and their nature must be vital in the healthy functioning of our systems.

I’ve long been convinced emotional balance is at the heart of correcting the hormonal imbalance which has plagued me since I came off the contraceptive pill three years ago.

In addition to therapies aimed at correcting the physical imbalance, emotional balance must also be restored and an important step to that is to acknowledge and work through the hurts and pains we carry deep in our psyches.