From the Robin Wood Tarot

And here, to crown the lesson, is the Queen of Hearts, enthroned at the very edge of that seething sea with no fear of getting her feet wet.

She holds a chalice which, in my understanding, equates to compassion. She makes me think of Kwan Yin, who offers the healing milk of human kindness in Chinese tradition.

In other words, the Queen of Cups is someone who is completely in touch with her emotions. She sits serenely at the shore of her own emotional life without fear or apology and offers compassionate understanding.

While her feet are at the very water’s edge, she keeps them firmly on dry land. And that, I believe, is why she is partnered today with Sundew, the grounding essence.

When we give ourselves permission to live a rich emotional life, we must be careful of the temptation to escape into daydreams and fantasies. As we strive to achieve the harmony of the Queen of Cups, Sundew helps us to focus awareness on the realities of the here and now.