From the Robin Wood Tarot

I’ve been pondering exactly which line to follow when considering the High Priestess in her reversed aspect, which is how she appears today.

If she was upright, she would be a logical progression from yesterday’s Queen, delving into the subconscious and probing the mysteries within.

Reversed, she seems to carry a warning, or at least to herald the prospect of a change in emphasis to come – from an inward focus to a more engaged functioning in the world, perhaps.

Accordingly, the warning would be to look out for delusion, to beware of the danger of an over-emphasis on the inner world at the expense of the outer.

But that’s what I took from yesterday’s Queen of Hearts so I will look today at the reverse – the danger of ignoring my inner world where I’ve lingered so long.

There is a change coming and, as always, an accompanying challenge.

The challenge is to grow practised at developng and maintaining an equally rich and rewarding inner and outer life, to move comfortably and seamlessly between the two and use them to nourish each other.

Bauhinia promotes flexibility and an openness to new ideas and change.

One thing about getting back into the workforce is I might forget to take the time each day to examine my inner life. I don’t want to spend all of each and every day in here, but I can see a time coming when I will have to work harder at balancing my inner and outer lives.

Now that I’ve written today’s entry I see the High Priestess carries a warning in both her reversed and upright aspects. Don’t plunge lightly into that murky pool of the subconscious. But don’t ignore it either.

Today’s warning is to remember to make time for reflection when the big change comes.