From the Peanuts Tarot

While the High Priestess is the Maiden, the Empress is the Mother – fertile, nurturing, generous and compassionate to all her children.

I welcome her energy today, as I am missing my daughter Anne terribly right now and I know the Lady, in her maternal aspect, understands how tricky it is to have her so far away.

In addition, the Empress empressively continues the theme of last week’s cards which explored the complexities of the heart and reminded me to keep my feet firmly grounded in reality while doing so.

Here, in the Empress card, is the embodiment of that endeavour and its results, a flowering, fulfilment, the wonder of creation that takes a glint in the eye and transforms it into new life.

Today’s essence Isopogon addresses the separation between heart and head by helping us to retrieve past knowledge, to access the Wisdom of Ages. And so, it seems, the lesson continues.

My yearning for my daughter is as old as Time. And, like all mothers, I must learn to accept that distance does not weaken the bond between us.