From the Robin Wood Tarot

Thinking about these cards led to Eminem – of all people – popping into my head. There he was, all day long, cleaning out his closet.

And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing too – sorting through the clutter, deciding what to keep and what I don’t need to carry anymore.

The 8 Cups is a card of spiritual exploration. It represents a turning away from and a letting go, of the familiar, of relationships or habits which have served their purpose.

The result? Spiritual growth. The figure on the card has crossed the river and set off on the path less travelled.

Pink Mulla Mulla is for healing deep spiritual wounds. Ian White, Mr Bush Flower Essences, says it “clears sabotage and fear of spiritual abandonment once more that is stopping spiritual growth.”

Pink Mulla Mulla people are often suspicious and isolated, keeping others at a safe distance to avoid the risk of being hurt again. Whoa, really?

Not for the first time, but never so strongly, have I felt in deep conversation with my daily cards. Are these random choices – and they are random, I assure you – directing my thoughts, or are my thoughts directing the random choice of cards?

Does it matter?

I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think the recognition of that ‘hole at the very centre,’ the wound I suffered when Grandma went away, is already having a profound impact on my view of all my important relationships.

I seem to be looking at all of them through that new perspective and finding a lot to forgive, both of myself and others.

While I wait for the results of my latest round of job applications, I’ll keep cleaning out my closet, going through the clutter, deciding what to keep and what I no longer need.