From the Druidcraft Tarot

So much activity since my last, rather highly strung, entry and so many opportunities for discouragement and despair

… And yet, rather than despair I have found reason after reason for laughter and optimism.

The twin energies of the Ace of Cups and Little Flannel Flower have been in play while I have been whacked at every turn in trying to fulfil a birthday wish for my little Kate.

The Ace of Cups offers the gift of love –at its highest level infinite spiritual love, as revealed by the Buddha. The awareness of our universal connectedness and trust and faith in the ultimate mystery of life.

Little Flannel Flower suggests a logical, and yet seldom practised, response to that love – the playfulness, joy and spontaneity of the inner child. The Buddha smiles.

There is not time, space nor inclination to detail all the events of the past few days but my decision to get Katie an Ipod for her birthday set off a disastrous chain of events.

Too late I discovered my old computer wasn’t up to technological speed and my attempts to install the thing led to everything getting wiped from my computer.


My finances couldn’t be more precarious. The Ipod was a serious purchase. Now I’m stuck with the need for a serious and unplanned computer upgrade right at a time when I can least afford it. Without it, apart from anything else, the bloody Ipod’s a bit redundant.

I might be looking for some better paid admin work, but right now I’m a part-time cleaner. I’ve stayed debt-free since disentagling myself from the wreckage of the marital finances but I have no spare cash lying around.

While my dad lies dying in far-off California, I can’t contemplate the possibility of going to his side. And now, to please a teenager, I’m faced with the choice of going into debt to buy a luxury item.


Well, I did what any fool of a First World mum would do and discovered that my appalling income-generating circumstances were no barrier to a ’24-month no deposit, interest-free deal.’

Crazy? Probably. So I giggled and got on with it and decided I might as well enjoy the thrill of a brand new computer as much as Kate – what a bumper birthday it turned into for her.

I refused to feel guilty about buying a computer and not a plane ticket. That’s a dumb one. You don’t get ‘buy now pay later’ deals on airfares.

And I refused to worry about the debt and just trust that long before they try and slug me I’ll have got a good job and have paid for the whold thing. 

The trust and faith of the Ace of Cups and the playfulness of Little Flannel Flower.

Spooky end to the tale.

With the computer all up and running – as you can see – I then got a call offering me two weeks’ work from Monday. I’ll be doing some admin work in a government office. It’s what I’ve wanted. They say getting a temp job in the public  service is the best way to eventually get a permanent position.

So… why worry?

Maybe things don’t always turn out for the best, but more often than not, they do.

The Ace of Cups and Little Flannel Flower say, Enjoy a risk or two. Some pay off, some don’t, but you’ll have more fun before you die.

That’s what I hear.