From the Robin Wood Tarot

What comes first, the positive card or the improved outlook?

I started the day with an excellent meditation, whizzed through the day’s work, then got home and had a very productive writing session – first in how long???

And even got the house looking sparkly.

So a very Ace of Wands kind of day – creative, active, productive and full of energy.

The Ace of Cups held the promise of a new beginning and the Ace of Wands heralds its arrival. I’ve finally taken the plunge back into life and it feels great.

Why was I cleaning? Because, unlike office work, you get to do it in hiding. And I’ve been in hiding for so long now. Turns out temping is a good halfway house – I can practice working with people without actually joining in. And I’m really enjoying it. And I’ve no doubt that it won’t be long before I’m back to my old sociable self.

I’m also certain that it won’t  be too long before I find a permanent job. My skills are good and it doesn’t seem difficult to impress.

Which begs the question – what’s Waratah doing here?

Waratah is one of the most powerful of the essences and addresses deep despair – the long dark night of the soul.

Strange, how I’ve come to expect that the two cards will form a natural complement. Today on the surface there is no connection at all.

Strange too, that Waratah provides a comfort. Because underneath all the excitement and action of the Ace of Wands, my soul sits in a stew of grief.

Every conversation with my father feels like it may be the last. The conversations are good and it doesn’t feel like there are any unsaid things between us. And we’ve both known, since my last visit to him, that it would be like this. In a way, it’s a lot easier than seeing him as he must be now.

It’s possible we both prefer it.

The talking to him’s lovely. The saying goodbye is horrible.

Waratah feels like an understanding hug.