From the Robin Wood Tarot

The 8 Cups again!

Since I’m having trouble thinking what aspect of this card I may have missed when i drew it so recently, I’ll start with today’s essence.

Southern Cross, also on its second recent appearance, is of course the ‘martyr’ essence, for the idea that the world is against you and the consequent bitterness and poverty of spirit.

Its positive outcome is to take responsibility and recognise your own personal power, and I can relate it to the ongoing spiritual lesson of the Cups.

That is, achieving a balance between trusting in ‘the universe’ ‘fate’ ‘destiny’ – call it what you will, and being responsible for your own actions.

When things go wrong, we’re happy to blame our luck, while we like to take the credit when things go well.

Instead, why shouldn’t our lives turn on an equal measure of luck and foresight?

There is my missing lesson from the 8 Cups. The spiritual journey to which it refers is necessary to develop the wisdom to recognise and accept the nexus where human planning ends and the luck of the Lady takes over – for good or ill, accept it as we may.