From the Robin Wood Tarot

Since starting back to full time working, I’ve been finding it so difficult to find time to keep my Tarot journal, so I’ve decided to have weekly entries rather than daily – at least until I find a new equilibrium.

I’m struggling to find my balance in everything at the moment and the beautiful Grail Knight stands well enough for my primary imbalance.

The Knights are for movement and action in the world, but the dreamy Knight of Cups has his focus on the spiritual, not the physical and his challenge is to keep his feet firmly planted on the road ahead and not be carried away by the glamour and illusion of romance.

So here I am, busy learning a new job and new routines, with more action and movement in my life than I’ve known for a while.

And what has been the over-riding feature of this past week? Go on, take a wild stab. Yup – the worst weeping and wailing over that bloody Jason for a long time.

And at the heart of it, the utter certainty that until I can resolve this sense of incompletion I will continue to close myself off from the gifts I know the world offers.

Philotheca, small unassuming Philotheca, helps us to open ourselves to life’s abundance.

I close the week having passed a point of crisis on Thursday but I am no nearer a resolution.

Is that point of completion dependent on seeing him again, or does it lie within my own troubled heart, if I but keep looking?