From the Peanuts Tarot

In my absence over the past few weeks I’ve continued to wrestle with my pesky emotions and pitiful yearning for what I cannot have.

This week’s cards remind me that there are other, bigger issues to think of and the security of employment must not put an end to their consideration.

Neither should these inevitable and perfectly understandable cycles of grief distract me from the most important task at hand.

What a pretty pair – Silver Princess to help the wandering, aimless reversed Fool identify and follow her Life’s Purpose.

I have been so sporadic in keeping my diary in recent months that my changed circumstances have been barely noted.

But I have gone from single mum doing casual cleaning work to see her through college, to reasonably secure employment until the end of the year with all the benefits that brings.

Now the theme for this week has been ambition at work, as I reluctantly entered into competition with my colleague Miss Smith over a vacant permanent position in the document tracking unit of the Circumlocution Department.

One thing I was in no doubt of at any moment throughout this intense drama was that my Life’s Purpose might somehow lie as a tracker of documents in the Circumlocution Department.

Nevertheless, it was made clear that it was good practice to put myself in the race and accustom myself to the rigid requirements of public service selection criteria and how to address them.

Unfortunately, while I was just getting in some practice, my colleague regarded the contest as one to the death and spent the week rather maliciously undermining my work.

For those interested, my work consists of scanning letters received by the Department, scanning the responses to those letters, scanning amendments to those responses and, finally, scanning the final version of those responses.

You’re right – just how much undermining can you do?

So it was all petty, embarrassingly obvious stuff.

It seemed rude to tell her not to bother, the job was her’s, and equally rude to take any of her machinations to heart. How crap must your life be when your greatest desire is to be a permanent document tracker instead of a temporary one?

And why am I so sanguine? Isn’t a permanent position my goal too?

Well yes, but not here.

I’m resting here until year’s end, tracking documents and getting over a big loss or two.

I have enough money, I’m guaranteed here as a temp until the end of the year and then I move to another temporary post.

The next one will be more fun – receptionist in the Circumlocution Minister’s office – and that will be guaranteed for the best part of a year, to cover a maternity leave.

Hardly a Life’s Purpose, and yet I feel comfortable with my pace and the direction of my path and confident that I will leave no stone of Opportunity unturned.

This Fool may appear aimless, but appearances can be deceiving.

I’m mapped until the end of next year.

And after that, well who knows where the next job will lead? Or what opportunities may present themselves in the meantime?