From the Robin Wood Tarot

This week’s cards apply equally to the external situation and my own internal state.

The 5 Wands stands for the struggle and conflict that precedes transformation and can often signal frustrating situations at work.

Slender Rice Flower is for conflict resolution and promotes group harmony.

Well, the miserable situation with Ms Smith from last week was instantly improved when she beat me to the permanent post.

But at the weekly staff meeting Ms Jones, our manager, actually raised the subject of how teams go through a ‘storming’ stage as they get to know each other.

What a perfect fit for both of this week’s cards.

I thought she was talking about me and Ms Smith (wot, me paranoid?), but instead she was preparing us for a seismic shift in the workings of the Document Tracking Unit of the Circumlocution Department.

It seems we are about to be amalgamated with the Document Creation Unit. Apparently nothing of this magnitude has been attempted before and it will entail new people occupying the warrens along the corridor.

Ms Jones thought it prudent to warn us of the dangers of letting tempers flare over the inevitable niggles and conflicts which may arise as public servants eye each other off and engage in territorial behaviours over the stationery cupboard and the tea supplies.

I must say I’m enjoying my role as a public servant far more than I expected to.

Which may have something to do with my next piece of news, on those all-important internals.

I have deliberately saved the best for last.

 On Tuesday, I stopped crying. And every day this week I have cautiously taken my emotional temperature and found it within ‘normal’ range.

What happened? What seismic shift occurred? Obviously no one, obvious thing stands out, and I think the shift began with that terribe low point presided over by the Knight of Cups.

Two further things happened on Monday, the day before the change, and both played their part.

The first was a conversation with the man himself, about whether it would be a good idea for him to come over. As much as I wanted him to get on a plane, I asked what purpose it would serve.

“The only way it would make sense is if we’re not actually done yet,” I told him. “But really I think we are.”

The second thing was my new Chakra balancing meditation CD, an impulse purchase of that afternoon, which I played for the first time that bedtime.

I was about halfway through Tuesday when I realised my lighter mood was maintaining itself without any effort from me and after three days felt confident in saying, finally, after all this time, an emotional corner has been turned.

I celebrated with a funky new haircut and a heartfelt sigh of relief and release.

Today I let you all go, in peace.