The Empress

From the Robin Wood Tarot

The way to remember Kapok Bush is to think of having the stuffing knocked out of you.

It’s for when you’re discouraged and it promotes perseverance and a willingness to keep trying.

At such a moment, comes the Lady in her aspect of Mother-of-All to bring comfort and healing and a reminder to live with passion and purpose, accepting her gifts graciously.

I’m thinking of the week just gone, particularly in terms of mother-child relationships and haven’t come up with anything terribly positive.

My nephew, Maryanne’s son, has been visiting. His relationship with his mother was cut tragically short when she died in a car crash when he was just four years old.

My relationship with mine tragically continues and this week featured a rare ugly encounter. I am not proud to have lost my cool with her but, thinking back on it, I was having a very Kapok Bush kind of day.

It started with an unexpected and inexplicable rising of the old Panic, which thankfully didn’t rise too high. It continued with bad cramps as my period turned up and ended with hours of phone conversations about the forthcoming wake for my father.

These wakes have been going on in several cities around the world, as he was well known and well liked in many places, but this is the one that I will be able to attend.

When my mother weighed in I was feeling exhausted and put upon. I find it impossible to equate her with the maternal aspects of the Empress – an irony not lost on me.

But if I find no comfort in my mother, I do sense the healing presence of the Lady on weekends like these, when I can work in my garden and enjoy my beautiful home.

When it all begins to feel too hard, I retreat to Flower Street and Peace surrounds me in a warm embrace.