From the Robin Wood Tarot

Two weeks, not one, since my last entry and bang in the middle was the wake for my father.

Isopogon is for retrieval of past knowledge – certainly appropriate for that marvellous gathering of people, all telling tales of him and reminding me of so many of the things he taught me.

With an enormous sense of relief – the relief of someone who has waited two months to lay a loved one to rest – I said goodbye to my father  in the best place possible – a crowded, down-to-earth restaurant in a knockabout town, surrounded by his friends.

My dad always valued his friends and taught me a lot about how to treat them.

He would say, ‘If you have one friend and you borrow $100 off him, what have you got? No friends – because he’s probably dirty on you because you still owe him 100 bucks, and no money, because you’re bound to have spent it.

‘But… if you have 100 friends and you borrow a dollar off each of them, what have you got? One
hundred dollars and 100 friends – because what friend is going to quibble about a lousy dollar?’

Now that, my friends, is some kind of lesson in values.

Judging from the wake I attended, and the numerous impromptu services and get-togethers throughout the world, I can only say that if my dad were thinking anything at all right now, it’s probably that he should have touched everyone for a hundred after all.

I got home exhausted. I felt I had an extreme case of jetlag – and if anyone knows jetlag, it’s me.

But it was, after all, a mere two-hour flight. So it was probably the cumulation of months of stress, from grieving over a hard loss to a few challenges on the job front, right through to the delights of the new teenager on the block.

This week’s topic: Why shouldn’t she get her belly button pierced?

The 2 Wands is about creative tension. Reversed, as it is today, its energy is blocked.

But it holds the seed of a joyous release into something dynamic and new – a promise that the tension will soon be released to spectacular effect.