From the Victorian Romantic Tarot

Now here’s another interesting pair – this knight reversed, as he is today, can denote blocked creativity and Turkey Bush is a remedy for precisely that.

But for a change I don’t feel the blockage is mine, for I’ve been writing lately, and writing well.

I had a flash of what might be insight the day I drew this card and all week it’s never really left me. It said these cards are not about me, but someone else who is blocked and struggling.

It’s rare that I use the Tarot to make predictions but this week’s cards tell me that my Knight of Wands will get here one day and, when he does, we’ll be in for a highly creative partnership.

But first he’s got some issues to work through and, as I know from my own experience, that can take a bit of time.

Jason, are you my blocked Knight? I don’t know. And right now, it doesn’t matter.

It’s enough to know that I’m on my path and somewhere down it, maybe round the next bend, there’s a noble Knight on his own Quest.

The Knight of Wands is also about delayed journeys and the day after I drew it we had a day of traffic chaos in the city with all the buses and trains stopped.