From the Robin Wood Tarot

This essence deals with neediness and co-dependency. And this card deals with balance, good judgment and acceptance.

The affirmation for Justice, according to Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm’s Druidcraft Tarot, goes like this:

“With clarity and discrimination, poised between Past and Future, the decision is made with compassionate understanding.”

This week has required a lot of clarity and discrimination.

The dominating feature has been the amazing and unexpected offer of a trip to Hong Kong in just a few weeks’ time.

It’s yet another farewell to my father, this time in the place where I grew up, where I got married, where I had my first child.

And it’s possible thanks to the generosity of his friends, the people who knew me last when I was just a child myself.

With no real obstacle to my going, I suddenly really do feel poised between Past and Future, in the oddest, least expected possible way.

The positive aspect of Monga Waratah chimes very well with Justice to provide some welcome support.

It helps a person to find their inner strength – or, as I would put it in my Hippie Philosophy, that hard-to-find balance between our needs and the needs of others –which is represented so well by the Scales of Justice.

This one’s for my Dad, but it’s also very much for me. That realisation made it hard to accept their kind offer to fly me there.

But strength is also knowing when to bend and accept a well-meant kindness in the spirit in which it’s offered. It will do no less honour to my father to be there on my own account as much as his.

And I think that’s my lesson for the week. My needs count too and it’s no shame to accept a hand when offered in honour of a beloved friend.

But to return to Hong Kong after all these years, as a free adult with no-one’s shadow over me… Now what lesson will I find in that?